Sports in Heredia

As in the rest of Costa Rica a variety of sports are very important in Heredia.

Within Heredia's local municipal government  has a committee that is especially dedicated to Sports & Recreation. Some of the major sports and activities this organization is promoting and funding include: chess, running, basketball, boxing, weight lifting, Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Table Tennis, Swimming, and indoor soccer. These programs are geared for youth and adults. The municipality hopes to develop the proper sports complex to take care of this need.   As in most of the rest of Costa Rica, soccer is by far one of  the most important sports.

Mountain biking is also practiced but is not as popular as in other provinces such as Cartago.

Golf is a sport one can partake in while in Heredia. If you like to golf there are two main options: 1) The Cariari Country Club with an 18 hole course for more information on this click here or 2) The Marriott hotel in Heredia, for more information click here. Both have lovely courses and offer a nice day of golf in a warm tropical climate.

Heredia's professional soccer league the Club Sport Herediano has quite a large following despite the fact that the last time they won a national soccer championship was in 1993. They are a strong team and hold the third largest amount of national titles in the country.

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